Pratt’s Garden Centre – Retail Greenhouse Manager

Pratt’s Garden is Muskoka’s newest and premier garden centre. Our garden Centre acts as our company’s touch point with our clients and play an integral role in the guest experience. It will let them put the finishing touches on there landscape they have journeyed with us on and enhance their outdoor experience.

We are looking for a passionate, organized and ‘people person focused’ individual to lead our team and celebrate our brand!  

We have an amazing team of people and expect to attract a like minded individual who is passionate about the industry and excited to leap into new ventures.


  • Assist with hiring, training and developing a top tier sales staff
  • Train staff how to Greet customers with a welcoming acknowledgement, how to assist customers with purchases in checkout retail area, how to keep a clean and organized store, process transactions and manage inventory through point of sale
  • Plan and implement growth strategies for sales campaigns
  • Help implement Marketing, forcasts of events and Social media campaigns
  • Close and reconcile tills at end of day - Assist with Deposits – reconcile all tills-review credit 

repair errors – make required changes to the POS system – bank deposit – supply change for tills

  • Make funny jokes
  • Consult with landscape crews on appropriate plant choises and design ideas
  • Knowledge to maintain all POS equipment, scanners – debit machines – printers – trouble shoot and seek outside help when required.
  • Assist with coverage for holidays/sick days and peek times of business.
  • Communicate new programs with cashiers and customer service.
  • Must be self aware and able to laugh at themselves
  • Attend trade shows, buying shows and 
  • Help develop  P.O.P Materials & Signage
  • Maintain regular contact with existing customer base
  • Have the flexibility to work in any other temporary assignments as required


  • Experience in Retail Sales Required
  • Good knowledge of Growing and care of plant materials
  • Accept your boss may not know everything and that sometimes we will have to figure things out on the fly
  • Be able to work in a fast paced and constantly changing retail environment.
  • Work well independently and with a team even though some of us are crazy.
  • Ability to train and motivate other staff as needed.
  • Strong computer back ground- learn new programs quickly
  • Multi-task in many areas
  • Comfortable telling someone when they have just come to work and look a mess to get themselves together
  • Motivated, self disciplined individual with a strong work ethic.
  • Ability to listen and understand customer needs.
  • Be able to use creativity to design displays for perennial/annual stock and hard goods
  • Flexibility in Work Schedule
    • Physically fit-able to stand, walk and assist with 30-50 lb packages
    • Eye for trends and how to use them hoticulturally

  • Motivated, self disciplined individual with a strong work ethic.

Please send resumes to