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We are your complete home and cottage care specialists! Find out why your neighbours
use Pratt's Lawn Care & Landscapes to bring a NATURAL ATTRACTION to their property.

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Whether nurturing a thriving lawn or sculpting dreamscapes, we blend strategy, creativity, and expertise to redefine outdoor living


Our team of professionals will make your property a piece of Art incorporating natural settings and your properties unique features to enhance your outdoor living space.


Perennial, annual, container gardens can make your personal style come to the outdoors.  The decor of your grounds is the first impression of your property.

Lawn Care

Maintaining your lawn also has health benefits to you and your family. Turf grasses trap air pollution, capture and use greenhouse grasses, and generates much of the oxygen we breath. 

Property Maintanence

Our property maintenance packages include weekly, bi-weekly or monthly visits.  Insurance companies require that seasonal properties have visits on a regular basis..

Snow Plowing

Our services include but are not limited to: snowplowing, ice control (salting/sanding), and snow removal/haulage. Customer satisfaction is our top priority.


Dry Seasoned firewood delivered to your door.   12, 16, or 20 inch lengths of quality clean burning  hardwood. Stacking charges extra.