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What are my payment options?

We accept cheques, cash or e-mail transfers directly from your bank account. Payment can be mailed or dropped off at the office in Bala.

Can I pay a seasonal price for my property maintenace services?

Yes we will work with you to engage the full years requirements and set a seasonal one time upfront payment (discounted), Quarterly or Monthly payment plan.

Do you construct water features/Ponds?

There is nothing more relaxing than the sound of running water, a water feature may be the perfect addition to your Muskoka property.

Can I have special plantings done for a wedding or special event?

Of course, if you need need special flowers to match a wedding theme or a family reunion at the cottage and want to make sure everything is perfectly groomed, then we can help.

Help! I cannot get grass to grow. What can I do?

Every home’s environment is different a analysis of the area will determine the right soil content, fertilizers and species of grass for the particular area. Call for a free consultation.

Can't I just hire anybody to do my property work?

Sometimes having the lowest price has future costs. First you have to make sure that the company or person you are hiring has the proper insurance, experience and capabilities to complete the project. Talk to a professional and find out your answers first, then make a plan and budget for your project. A Professional will be able to walk you through any project, execute it efficiently and folloe through to make sure the project is completed to your satisfaction.

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